Ratatouilles Houses is located in Central New Jersey. We leave you with the feeling of superior workmanship that will last a lifetime. We look to protect our environment by using eco friendly materials. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss the possibilities and dreams for remodeling your home or business.

It is our dream to help yours come true.

About us

Tired of unreliable contractors that miss deadlines, charge too much, and results that don't meet your expectations?

We have big dreams in a big world, just like the movie "Ratatouille." We are focused on the way that YOU like it.

We take your visions and align the necessary fabrication and  techniques to bring your vision to life as cost effectively as possible.

We are fully licensed & insured.


Tile Flooring and Backsplash


Wood Flooring




Interior Design

We are always open to opportunity, we love meeting new people, understanding who they are and what we can do together.

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